My name is Emma and I’m a writer, traveler, and vegan. But that’s not all of it.

Let’s those things out of the way though, shall we?

Veganism is a love of mine. After becoming a vegetarian over six years ago, I started to really learn about my food and what my body needed. Processed, hormoned pumped, slaughter house meat wasn’t it.  Instead I found my body craving greens and other natural sources of protein. Along the way, the community I found was always nothing short of welcoming and loving. Since becoming vegan, finding delicious, unique restaurants, whether traveling the world of just outside my apartment in New York, has become a staple in my life. Let’s be real: food is great!

Travel is a fire in my soul I can’t put out. I love jump in the pit of my stomach right before the plane takes off. I’m one of those weirdos who feels calm sitting in a terminal. I love trailing through new cities and countrysides with friends and sometimes even myself. I love the people you meet and building concrete friendships from those encounters. But, what is the most special part to me, is the things you learn deep within when on a journey, especially a solo journey. Traveling forces one to open their eyes at the world around them and let it all in. Manual self-discovery, if you will.

And writing. Oh, writing. How you’ve always had a piece of my heart. From the time I was four years old, all I did was write (and perform) to anyone that would listen. In third grade I even convinced (forced?) my classmates to put on a Valentine’s Day screenplay I wrote all by my very own on my parent Windows 98 Dell computer. IT WAS A BIG DEAL. The story I mean, I guess the computer was too. Anyway, writings always been in my blood. It’s the way I am able to process the world around me, process events I go through, memories I’ve shared. It’s what keeps me afloat.

But it won’t just be vegan burgers and sappy travel revelations. While on this journey, I’d like to talk about wellness, yoga, books, feminism, things I find interesting and I hope you do too. If you’ve read this far, I thank you.

Stay tuned